Preparation Weekend

Brainstorm Session

 The first big step in the creative process of this project is made! The first weekend of January 20 young people from different villages participated in a two days long brainstorm session.
The aim of this weekend was to come to a creative start of this film and to share our opinions about what we want to show the viewers in this documentary, so that this documentary has his fundaments in all participating countries.

Field trip

After a welcome speech and a short introduction we started Saturday with a little fieldtrip to the Sea of Steel, a sculpture park in Wijk aan Zee were artists of all the Cultural Villages have made a sculpture. It was great to show the young people something that was close to them and at the same time new for them (because a lot of them had not seen the sculptures before.)

 After lunch we started started with a presentation of every village, explaining their view on this project. This took a big part of the morning because everybody prepared themselves very well. At the end of the day we collected all opinions and tried to put them into four boxes or main themes.
The outcomes of the day were the themes Language, Personal, Travel/Europe and Culture. After this the working part of the programme was done for the day and everybody enjoyed a nice Dutch meal

A result of Sundays work

Sundays programme started with a presentation of Lotte about Youth in Action (the place where our subsidies come from). Read more about Youth in Action elsewhere on this website. Jelle gave a presentation about the budget/financial part of the project. After all this general information there was some real work to do for the participants. The first part of the day they worked in four groups (one for every theme) on questions that could be asked in an interview related to this theme. After lunch we continued working in the groups now thinking about how to illustrate the themes in the documentary. How show the people in images what we want to say? This translating of thoughts into images took a lot of energy. At the end of the day everybody was tired of working but happy with the results.

At the end of this short but intensive weekend there was a meal for all the participants and their host families. Everybody had prepared something and there was an international buffet.

This was a great start of the project. If we continue like this there is no doubt the result of our cooperation is going to be a great documentary were we can all be proud of!



Our t-shirt
Our t-shirt