Cultural Village

Map of the Villages 

Why only a capital of Europe? Are the villages not important anymore? These 12 villages in Europe agreed that villages need to be recognized as well. Every year, one of these villages is Cultural Village of the year. This village invites people from the other villages to come and experience their culture. The guest are accommodated in family homes. This gives the people the opportunity to get to know the country from the inside out.
The Cultural Village of the year also organizes a mayor meeting to talk about village issues and chare experiences and knowledge. For the young people a youth camp is organized. This all is initiated and organized by local people. No formal institute or government is involved in this association. The villages are not eLogo Cultural Villageven official partner cities.
This is an organically grown project. Wijk aan Zee was the first to invite the others, they were so impressed by the hospitality that they wanted to host as well. A series of 12 years of Cultural Village started. Now in 2010 the association is in his 12th year. What to do next? First we make a big Harvest and collect all the ideas and experiences of the past 12 years. Then we decide; do we want to multiply, repeat, stop, reorganize or make new cycles? We do not know yet.