How are we going to make the documentary?

How do we want to do this? 

In the project all young people from our organization are going to work together going to create the documentary. The creation process can be divided in five parts.

From December until the first of January every local group has thought about some specific subjects that are important for them, what they think is important to show in the documentary. On the 2nd and 3rd of January one or two participants of each group came to Wijk aan Zee to exchange visions and ideas and discuss about themes for the documentary. 

After the meeting the second phase of the project starts, the writing of the script. With the results of the preparation weekend we are going to write a script for the documentary. We need to think about how we can show our feelings and opinions about the youth exchanges in the film. (Look for more information about the preparation weekend under Preparation weekend on the main page.)  
Stijn, Jelle, Lotte, Marina and Pepi will be actively involved in the script writing process.
When they have finished the first draft of the script this will be presented to the other participants and they can give their opinions and possible changes they want to make.

When we all agree on the script the filming can begin. A small group will visit the villages. Stijn, Jelle and Lotte will go to every village. They hope to be accompanied by one or two people from other villages. In April and May we will visit the villages in Spain, Greece, and Germany. In June we will visit Estonia and Italy. From half July we will be travelling around by car and visiting Czech Republic, Austria (during the youth camp) and Hungary.

From the first of August the movie will be edited for a month.  The film should be ready around the first of September. From then on there will be presentation evenings in every village organized by the local group and a European premiere in Kirchheim (Austria) will take place in the end of October.