The whole month of august we worked, 5 days a week on editing the material we collected on all those trips. A working place in Wijk aan Zee offered us their little library to install ourselves and make it our office for the four weeks of editing.

When we were properly installed Stijn, Jelle en Lotte started the process. The first thing we did was look through all the interviews and selected those parts of the interviews that were interesting to show. We literally cut them out of the printed interviews and made piles of the interesting quotes per country. We also selected the parts on the computer.

When we had done this job we were a view days further…Then we took all those selected parts and categorized them. Is the person saying something about language learning, new experiences, etc., etc.? After that we started to make storylines. We took the parts and placed them on a big sheet of paper, changing en changing the order of quotes, attempting to make a comprehensive and interesting story.

After about a week we completed a storyline. Well job finished you would maybe say, just put it into that computer and done. But of course this wasn’t the case. The next week we spend on rethinking, reconsidering, and refine our storyline. Jelle, Stijn and Lotte were helped doing this job by Marina from Greece, Hannah from Hungary and Martin from Czech Republic. They all came to Wijk aan Zee for some days to work. Further we worked on; finding more music for the documentary, recording music, making the final transcript, translating this into English, writing a voiceover (a very, very, difficult job, which required a lot of creativity and hours of discussing.), and checking all the parts of the documentary, since we did not understand any Estonian for example sometimes it was very hard to decide where to cut.

We also did an interview with Eliane, from Wijk aan Zee. As you may have noticed there was no trip to Wijk aan Zee. During the editing we were thinking about those parts of the storyline that could need some more quotes or different views and that was our topic for the interview with Eliane. We asked her a lot of question about all the themes of the documentary.

So after weeks  hard work we the film was about finished. On the last days of editing Nieves from Spain came by with the animations. (We have some animations for the opening and the credits of the movie.) When we fit those in the film was finished. We were really happy because the work was done, but most of all because of the result of that work. Were we can all be really proud of.

 We can’t wait until the premiere, showing the result of all those months hard work.