Trip to Bystré, Kirchheim and Palkonya

From the 3th  to the 23th of July we made a long filming tour. We passed Ströbeck, Bystré, Kirchheim, Palkonya   on our way. We did the whole tour by car. Lotte and Jelle started in Wijk aan Zee, stayed one night in Ströbeck, continued the trip and arrived in the evening in Czech Republic. There they picked up Stijn who came straight from Poland and the filming team was complete for the first part of the trip.

In Bystré we had some fun days. The weather was good, which we of course needed for the filming so Bystré looked her very best. Petr was working on a Youth Camp in the forest and this was a good starting point for the interviews. What is the differences between an camp with people from one country, like there was that week, and an international Youth Camp?
So we interviewed Petr about this difference. We interviewed David about his international experiences and how it changed him and we interviewed three girls together who were going to the Youth Camp the first time. We asked them about their expectations.

We didn’t have time to stay very long, after three days we went further again. It was time to go to Kirchheim and prepare for the Youth Camp.

In Kirchheim Gerben from the Netherlands and Marina from Greece joined the film team to help prepare for the upcoming, very busy, week. We had our own room. We turned the library of the school into a real film team office. We installed two laptops and our printer, we had our beds and stuff inside. A good headquarter to plan our filming activities for the week.  The first thing we did was taking a good look at the schedule. Which activities there were and which could be interesting to film.

During the Youth Camp we have tried to film all the activities. Having dinner, doing workshops, the hiking, the excursions. The film team was everywhere. We also did some interviews with the participants from Mellionnec (because we were not there) and with the organisation team of Kirchheim. Next to all the work we did we also enjoyed the week a lot. It was nice to see everybody again that we had seen during the filming trips and we saw that everyone had a good time.

Of course, Youth Camps don’t last forever so after 10 days in Kirchheim we continued our trip in the direction of Hungary. Marina went home, Gerben went with us to Palkonya, also Eliane from the Netherlands accompanied us and unfortunately  Jelle had to wait for us to come back in Kirchheim since he had to recover from a serious infection in his leg.

In Palkonya we were welcomed by two very nice Hungarian ladies who cooked for us every day. We slept in the village hall and Hannah took care of the local organization. We only had a little time, only a view days so we worked a lot to do everything we wanted. The first day we interviewed Anna about her experiences on the Youth Camp, living in the village and the problem of learning English in Palkonya since you do not learn it on school. In the afternoon we talked to David, who did not participate in all the activities of the Youth Camp because he spend a lot of time visiting farms in the surroundings. He learnt a lot of the Austrian Farmers and this will help him in his Agricultural studies. He is even thinking about doing an internship in Austria  now.
The last day we interviewed Hannah about the differences between the Hungarian youth and that of the other countries on the Youth Camp. They always have more problems making contact. What could be the reason of this?

After almost 3weeks of travelling we returned home. That was the last filming trip for the documentary. We went home. Got some rest, cleared our heads and got ourselves ready for the tree weeks long editing process that would come…