Trip to Kilingi Nomme

From the 8Th until the 24Th of June the filming team was in Kilingi Nomme, Estonia.We arrived at Tallinn airport and we took this opportunity to see the capital of Estonia.Then we took the car and went to Kilingi Nomme. Also in Estonia there were a lot of people to help us. We had our own little apartment and the next day the filming could begin!

We chose a very good time to come because it was the time of the midsummersnight. We experienced a typical Estonian midsummer night party. There was a big fire, we were grilling outside and there was a sauna! It was really fun.

We did three interviews in the days we were in Estonia;
We were very interested in the view of the Estonian Youth on Europe. How do they feel about the European Union. Is there a big difference between the older and the younger generation? Estonia as an independent country is quite young and unknown. How do the young people feel about this? Can they explain and tell something about the Estonian Culture?

We talked to Ott who has been to Italy for a view months. How did he experience changing from the quiet city Kilingi Nomme to the touristic beach place Rimini?
Emilie is what they call in Estiona an Euro-Orphan. Here parents moved to a country that has the euro to work there. We talked about this phenomenom. Does is happen a lot in Estonia that childer become Euro-Orphans? Then we interviewed Marek. We filmed him on his graduation day. How does he feel about the future? What roll will have travelling and Europe in his life?
There were a lot of interesting questions to be answered.

Once again we experienced how big the differences between people are in
Europe. First Italy and a view days later Estonia. We felt the difference couldn’t be bigger.