Trip to Pergine

From the 29th of May until the 4th of June the filming team was in Pergine Valdarno in Italy. The fourth member this time was Nieves from Spain. In Italy we had a record number of 12 participants!In the days we were in Italy we did 3 interviews.  Alessandra and Tiziano had been on the Youth Camp before so we asked them about their experiences on the Youth Camps, what did they like, what not, why do they want to go again? And we had an interview with Federica who will go to the Youth Camp for the first time this year. What are her expectations for this Youth Camp?

  In every country we like to film a little story that shows the live of the Young People. In Pergine we focused on the Italian food culture. For Italians food is very important. And of course they are famous of it. We filmed the group together cooking, eating. We watched Tiziano buy some good ham and we asked all three of the youngsters to talk about what they think about Italian food.

And food from other countries? Are the Italians open to try everything or do they stick to their Pasta and Pizza?

 Next to all the filming, of course we also had a lot of fun! Stijn, Jelle, Nieves and Lotte experienced what is Afro Music on an outdoors festival in the village. We ate a lot of pasta, pizza and more… The weather was really nice, we even had time for a nice afternoon at the swimming pool.

 Filming, food, sun and fun, what to say more, it was a trip to remember!