Trip to Ströbeck

Trip to Ströbeck


Stijn, Jelle and Lotte were already in Ströbeck when very early in the morning Alois was also arriving to Ströbeck and the work could begin. We started with a meeting together to find some good questions for the interviews.

The questions were about living in Ströbeck, the chess tradition and the expectations of the young people of the youth camp.
In the afternoon we had the first interview of this trip with Richard. He chose the hall where would be the chess tournament of the chess festival. Richard is also involved in the chess festival so he could tell us all about it.

In the evening we had to do a lot of work. Because all the filming material first had to be transcripted (we had to type down in German what was said) and then translate it.

At night there was time to relax. We went to Halbestadt, drank some Diessel and played some games.


We began very early because we were doing an interview at nine o`clock in the morning with Julia and Sofia. They choose the football place in the village because they are playing football. We asked them a few questions about learning English and chess and we also wanted to know from them if they were looking forward to the Youth camp.

After this we went to the chess festival. We filmed Richard working there and also saw the famous living chess.

Sebastian came after lunch, we interviewed him in the Europapark. This park was made in 2006 when Ströbeck was the Cultural Village. You can see the map of Europe there on the ground and you can find a typical tree from every Country.


Transcripting, translating, that’s how the last day of a film trip looks like.

The whole film trip was again a success. It was great to see the chess festival and film it. We found out more about the chess culture in Ströbeck and how it is to grow up there.