Trip to Porrúa

 From the 14th of May untill the 19th, the recording team was in Porrua for filming the young people who went or they will go to the Youth Camp.

 Day 1

After a long day of travveling Jelle, Lotte and Stijn arrived in Porrúa, we went to diner with the people from Porrúa in a restaurant and then we went to sleep to get enough rest for the next day.


Day 2

In the morning, we started at 11 o’clock. We took some pictures from the museum and we filmed the interviews with Nieves and Maria. In the afternoon we were translating. Sometimes it was raining but we could film.

Day 3

 We did the interview with Aaron and Saul. Then, in the afternoon, some filmed in the village, the others were translating. It was a very good time for filming, the weather was very good ,so we went to a place to film the whole village.


Day 4

 We went to the high school to film the last interviews with Naira and Esther who never went to a Youth Camp before. After lunch we went with Aaron to visit Llanes.