Palkonya is a small village in South-Hungary. (it was the Cultural Village of Europe in 2007)

In the village there are 108 houses, 52 of them are protected buildings. The number of the inhabitants is around 350.

The most famous sight of interest, of monument value, is the street of cellars consisting of 53 pressing houses, covering the hillside at the end of Palkonya. The church with a red dome, visible from quite a distance, is one of the most beautiful of the Hungarian round churches. It is a Roman Catholic church, built in Classic style in 1816. The patronal saint is St. Elisabeth. There is a chapel on the hill, which was built in 2007.

Palkonya is situated among three fishlakes, which are visited by several anglers and turists. The area is crossed by several walking trails, and the “Three Rivers” international cycling trail also crosses the village.

There are a lot of children in the village, who join every week an art-workshop. They learnt to draw, paint, do things out of clay and they play a lot together. There is also a club for young people, and one for retired women.

Most of the people are working as a wine maker, and the biggest part of the families have a cellar on the hill.

More and more turists visit Palkonya every year, especially our festivals in Summer.

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