Trip to Paxos

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The first of we were Ready to make our first filming trip of the project. Jelle, Lotte and Stijn from Holland and Richard went to Paxos. We were well prepared but also very nervous if everything would go well.


When we arrived on Paxos after one and a half day of travelling we got a very good welcome.  We met a lot of great young people from Paxos that were ready to work on the project.

It was also Easter time, and Easter time in Greek is big. This night we went to a procession from church to church, everybody had white candles in their hands. There were celebrations all the time we were on Paxos. It was great  time to get to know the Greek culture better.

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Of course we were not only there to spent a really nice Easter on the beautiful Island of Paxos. We were there to film! So the second day we started with a meeting together.

 The interviews that we are going to do for this project are going to be with participants of the Youth Camp this summer in Kirchheim. We made questions for the interviews and soon found out there were going to be two types of interviews. Interviews with new participants that haven’t been to any Youth Camps before. We’ll ask them questions about what they expect and why they want to go.  And interviews with participants who already have experience with Youth Camps and can tell us more about what it gave to them and why they like them.

On day 2 of this trip we already did three interviews with Marina, Spiros and Anna. They all chose their owns special spots on the Island to be interviewed so they would be in a comfortable environment to speak. Spiros chose the outside stage for school plays behind his school, Marina chose a place with a beautiful view on the cliffs and the sea were she has spent a lot of time when she lived on Paxos and Anna chose a beach were she likes to come with her friends.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIn the evening we had to do a lot of work. Because all the filming material first had to be transcripted (we latterly had to type down in Greek what was said) and then translated.

Day 3

On this day we had a lot of lunch! Every family on Paxos roasted all morning and then had a very long lunch. Of course we absolutely enjoyed it. We had a great day and in the evening we even did some work! More translating. Because everybody was celebrating Easter, the other interviews were going to be the next days.


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We want our film to not only show interviews but also something of the daily life of the Young People in the villages. We started the day with filming Spiros, Marina and Georgios on their scooters. As you can see we all filmed it from Pepi’s car!

After that we interviewed Georgios on the pier close to the old school of Lakka were he hangs out with his friends a lot.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDAY 5

On this day we did one more interview, with Nikos. We also wanted to get some more film material of Paxos. We filmed some more in the streets and got some good views. In the afternoon we recorded Greek traditional music in a local café. You can hear the music on this website. It’s under media on the main page.


Our last day on Paxos of this trip. We finished the last thing we wanted to do, finished the transcriptions and translations and collected all the material. Then we did an evaluation, everybody could give one word to describe the week. These words we chose.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usStijn        Lemon, Lemon is an ingredient, it tastes sour, but later when you bake a pie wit hit it give that special taste that you need. Maybe this week tastes al little bit sour right now because it was new for everybody, but later in the film it will be the perfect addition to the whole.Image Hosted by
Spiros     Different. This week was different because he did new things. He did interviews, he made transcripts and translated them. All new experiences for Spiros.
Richard  Paxos.  We had an incredibly great time on Paxos, also for the film. We got good material and we got a good impression of the people on Paxos. Richard things we could show that in the film.
Lotte      Exciting. Finally she is made her/our idea happen. After months of preparation finally we are working and that she thinks is exciting
Marina   Fun .  We didn’t only work this week, we also had a lot of fun and we laughed. Marina hopes that we continue doing this because it’s not only about working.
Jelle        Time. We had a great time, a Greek time, an Easter time. Also the idea of time is one of the big differences between the Greek and the Dutch.

In the afternoon we took the boat back to the mainland and that was the end of our trip to Paxos. It was a very good trip.