Though Kirchheim is a really small village with 720 inhabitants it isn’t boring to live here.

You have many facilities, for instance you can join one or more of our communities.

There is for example the “Trachtenkapelle” = brass band, which is probably one of the most important representative of our village, then the “Goldhauben” group or the fire brigade and lots of others. These communities are really crucial because they present our culture, which is something very important for us!

We have the typical hilly landscape of this area and you can discover our beautiful nature while having a walk through our woods or riding your bike along the “Römerradweg” (a bicycle route where you pass ancient places where the old Romans lived).

In Kirchheim there is also a small airport, where already world championships had taken place. I would recommend to everyone, who visits Kirchheim, to fly with one of those small planes and see our beautiful landscape from above!

We always welcome guests in our village and like to show them our traditional food, clothes and dances.

In the centre of Kirchheim is our church, the most photographed building in our village and when you follow the road you will find blooming fruit trees nearly everywhere. We like to honour our own fruits and vegetables and celebrate this in our yearly harvest festival.