Pergine Valdarno

Our village is called Pergine Valdarno. It’s situated inside the triangle Arezzo-Firenze-Siena and because of that it’s a touristic destination where people can stay in relax and in direct contact with the nature. When tourists come and stay in Pergine they usually sleep in the typical “Agriturismo”, a country-house where people offer to their guests food and drink that they product on their own.

Our village is composed by four smaller villages: Pieve a Presciano, an interesting destination for holidays, with her hills and the very hospitable inhabitants, Montalto, a relatively new village, with a lot of new houses and young people, Cavi-Casalone, part of a biggest village called Ponticino, and the very small Poggio Bagnoli, where there is the stadium of the local football team.

Pergine is very famous for its typical local products, especially oil and wine. The hills around our village are plenty of olive trees and vineyards: if you come here in the end of the summer or the beginning of the autumn, you could see all the fields plenty of men, women and young people collecting grapes and olives. This is a tradition which joins different generations and it’s a way to stay together working for the community.

In Pergine we have the school until 14 years old, then to continue and study we must go to Arezzo and Montevarchi. That is why maybe people over this age use to live a great part of the day outside our village, in the near towns. Frequently, when young people must attend University they decide to move to Florence or Siena for great part of the year.