1th of December  -  Official start of the project
2/3 January -       Preparation weekend Youth of Cultural Village, Wijk aan Zee
1-7 April  -           Filming trip to Paxos, Greece
8/9 May  -             Preparation weekend youth camp Kirchheim
14-20 May          Filming trip to Porrúa, Spain
27-31 May  -         Filming trip to Ströbeck, Germany
10-14 June -        Filming trip to Pergine Valdarno, Italy
18-24 June        Filming trip to Kilingi Nomme, Estonia
3-8 July -             Filming trip to Bystré, Czech Republic
8-19  July  -         Youth Camp Kirchheim ‘It’s not a shame living in the countryside’
19-23 July         Filming trip to Palkonya, Hungary
August               Editing of the material
23th of October -International Premiere in Kirchheim, Austria.
12th November - Dutch Premiere in Wijk aan Zee.
Oct/Nov             Premieres in the  villages
1th of January  -  Official end of the project