Mellionnec is a small village of 450 inhabitants situated at the centre of Brittany in France.

The main activity is agriculture.

As the climate is quite humid, the landscape : hilly fields, banks and woods are always green.

In the village , there is a primary school, a library, a town hall, a sports ground, a village hall and three shops : a grocery-bakery, a wood-turner and a bar-restaurant.

Far from towns, Centre Brittany developed a wide cultural life  thanks to the richness of the community life.

In Mellionnec, many associations organise cultural events :

  • Ty film; documentary films festival – last week-end of June
  • Kizellan; a village to sculpt : exhibition of monumental  sculptures  – in the autumn every two years.
  • Kreiz Breizh Villages d’Europe; which has the pleasure to participate in the Cultural Village of Europe adventure.

In order to resume the life there : green of the country side, grey of
the weather, orange of the music band, yellow of the cidre, brown of
the crêpes, blue of the rivers ( the sea is too far, around 1 hour),
and red of the smiles !

Young people stay here to study until 18 years old, but after they have
to leave to the High School. They come back during the weekends and

The music is quite popular: a lot of people sing in the choir.There is also a band  Los Trognos Coulos, which plays traditional music of all over the world.
In Summer, there are a lot of music  festivals , and each weekend, during
all the year there are fest-noz: parties where people come together to
dance traditional dances.
The Music School is becoming more and more popular.

” The Only Strength “

« The only strength that moves us,

that’s the willing…

If it becomes the willing to do,

then… the willing to do together,

then…everything becomes possible. »