Our village is called Paxos. It is a small island in the west side of Greece. In the winter time it has 2.500-3.000 inhabitants living in Paxos , but during the summer, the population increases a lot, as Paxos is a very touristic destination. Many people say that it is a real diamond: The eastern coastlines of the island are smooth, while the west coasts are bold and abrupt with remarkable natural formations: caves, arches, dome-shaped forms, sheer cliffs etc. The sea is clean and calm, and the nature  is wonderful, as it is full of olive trees. On Paxos every family produces local olive oil, but only a few of them sell it also.

15 minutes away by boat from Paxos there is also one very small island called Antipaxos, which is famous for its beautiful beaches and it produces good red wine. Most people don’t  earn their living from agriculture, fishing or farming any more, but they have developed the touristic economy.

Paxos, despite the fact that is a small island,  is very active. People can learn traditional-modern dancing, how to play musical instruments, can take lessons of foreign languages, and sing to choir. There is a local football team and football academy and theater groups.

But even if Paxos is an active place is quite difficult for  young people to live in Paxos. The access to other places is difficult, as the only main of transportation is the ferry-boat that depends on the weather. It is not always easy for somebody  to reach the mainland .

Most of the young people (there are about 80 students in high school) when they finish  school they go to study in the mainland, but many of them choose to come back and live in Paxos permanently…